Platinum Blonde hair?


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Hello! I'm attempting to get a large portion of my hair platinum
However, it hasn't gone too well.
My roots are light yellow and even almost white in some parts, but my ends are yellowish orange.
how can i get an even platinum color?

i have a box of wella white lady T18 lying around.


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yeah, you need to use a toner on it, the wella stuff should be fine, iv heard good things about it

see, the best youll be able to get with just bleach alone is light yellow and you need a purple or blue based toner to counteract the brassyness (yellowy-orange) and then you get a neutral which should be the platinum blonde youre looking for


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Definitely need a toner! if you want white like fashionjunkiexx said, use a purple or blue based toner. If you want a pearly color, you can tone with a "N" it will turn really ashy if you don't watch it.
It all depends if you want bright white or a pearl.


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Originally Posted by Dollfaced
Hmm so as long as I apply the toner from ends to roots it should even out?

Longer on your ends then the roots. Work your way up!


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you forgot to mention what you did to it to get it to that stage...

But the responses are so right- you are going to need a toner. I find that to achieve the blonde that I have, which is very platinum, I use Wella's Frosty ash. But then I do have blonde hair, dont bleach too often any more, and use a 20 vol developer.

If it were me, Id bleach the ends only, and very lightly getting to that banana peel stage, and no further. Then tone with a 20 vol developer and the color/toner. Watch your times carefully as your hair will be very very porus and take on the color a lot faster than with out. Make sure you use a violet based shampoo when you wash and you will maintain that platinum color longer.


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I should add that the reason for the bleaching again, is that your hair at the ends is the orange color, if you tone over that, imagine putting a blue peice of celelophane over an orange.. not so nice. Toner is meant to add a sheer wash over, not fill in, so just keep that in mind.

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