please choose my fotd for prom :) +


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I completely agree with below..but out of the pics, the last set is def. a winner.. pretty eyes also

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To be perfectly honest, the lighting is not very good to judge them. Did you use a face primer and an eyeshadow primer/base? After foundation i'd consider a bronzer or face highlighter. I like certain things about each look, but more of it. Definitely keep the eyes from number one with more pigment and a base if you aren't wearing one, add some black tied or carbon to the crease, Add a shimmery light beige e/s for a brow highlight. I would take the pigment to the counter if you have one near you, and ask an ma's advise since she has the colors right there. keep the black eyeliner and consider a small cat eye fling.MORE MASCARA, cover them top and bottom with 2 coats.. Define your brows more too. I like the neutral lip but i think you should choose a beigier shade with slightly more pink and a matching lipliner. Ask the m.u.a. advice on this too. Neutral lips can be tricky, but i think they are perfect with your eye look. Keep the blush neutral but remember you can wear it heavier on prom night. Not clown like, but darker and blended.
Remember you have to make it until picture time so don't touch your face, touch up your lippie and keep blot sheets with you.