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Hi everyone. I am attending a program that helps small businesses get off the ground. As a part of that program we have to do some research to decide whether the stuff we want to do is the stuff we should do. :p

To do that, I have put together 2 surveys to help me figure out if I'm going in the right direction. We need to have a certain amount of surveys filled out by Monday, and honestly, I'm a little worried that I might not reach the goal. So, I'm asking for some help, if you have some time, would you please fill out one of my surveys. It would be a great help to this small business owner.

Here are the links, one is for business owner & those who are in charge of advertising for a business. And the other is for people who do not own a business or are in charge of business advertising.

If you are Business owner, or advertising manager:

If you are not a business owner or advertising manager:

If anyone has any ideas on how I can improve future surveys, or any ideas on how to approach people (I'm a bit of an introvert). I'd love to hear it.

Thanks!!! :)


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Is this program still available? Did yu find it helpful?
I'm a new business owner, so any advice from the experienced people is appreciated.


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Provide an excellent customer service to your clients and ask them for a feedback about your services. In our office we are doing it through Microsoft teams operator connect and that works pretty well for us. Most of the clients feel much better when they know that we appreciate their honest opinion and amount of returning customers increased a lot these days
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