Please report this person!!


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Ebay seller fino_cosmetica is obviously selling fake MAC. Just take a look


Please report this person so the poor people bidding don't have to pay for these fake items. Look at the sellers other items....Fake, Fake, Fake. It just makes me sick.


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C'mon girls lets have these auctions pulled before some of those poor souls end up buying those items.


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I reported two other items...the "Curing" mascara in the tube and the other sketchy mascara. I love how they said "Never opened or tested", and there sits an open tube of Prolash in the picture...


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To report an item:

1. On the bottom of the auction page click "Report this item".

2. On the first drop-down menu choose "Counterfeits and copyright violations".

3. On the next menu choose "Potential trademark infringement".

4. On the next menu choose "Other replica or counterfeit items".

5. Click the continue button.

6. Under "Contact Customer Support" click the "Email us" link.

7. A box with the number of the auction you are reporting will appear. You can include the numbers of the other auctions in that box too, you can include up to 10 auction numbers.

8. Click "Send".


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