Porcelain Beauties: Best blushes and eye m/u colors?


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Hi, my fair friends.

Just curious if you have any woes picking blushes? I don't, really, because it's just a matter of intensity of application for me (I'm cool-neutral), but I know some gals seem to have problems being overshadowed by their color choices... Thoughts??? (Editor's note: Orgasm doesn't work for me at all, but that is probably a coloring thing rather than being due to my fairness factor)

One thing I haven't mastered on myself, but can do for other (pigmented) people, is contouring. I am just way too blank of a canvas and it's hard to get a real impact, because to avoid racing stipes I have to blend, blend, blend and !poof! the product is gone.
Anyone with any product suggestions- please advise me! I would love a bit of oopmph in the cheekbone-al area, especially since I have gained a bit of roundness after having a baby months ago...

And how 'bout your eyes? I can wear just about anything except most pinks (look like an albino rabbit who has been crying all day) or yellows. However, being 35, I don't wear a lot of really frosty stuff or really truly bright colors like teal (but that's another thread- beauty for those "of age"!). Of course, I have some tricks like pairing those colors with tried-and-true colors like Tempting for a bit of "pop", but that's another thread, too.

Are there any things you just can't do (or are scared of doing) because of your super fair complection???

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Well, I don't contour really, because I don't think I need to. Well dressed blush looks great, but it's being discontinued and I've been looking for one that looks a lot like it. Also, trace gold looks great. Clinique's in the pink shimmering tones powder is good for highlighting and blush but it was LE a couple years ago although it could be on ebay. Clinique's blushing blush in cupid is a good choice too.

I wear neutrals and greens most of the time for my eyes. I use MAC, Body Shop, Make Up For Ever, Clinique and Annabelle eyeshadows most often.


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I have Benefit dandelion and as it isn't much other than straight-shot pink, its very light and it looks fine most days as a blush. I looove glissade- I just have to be careful how I apply my blush, also. I get real red cheeks easily after just a little bit of movement so I normally don't need blush unless i'm wearing heavy oundation

I dont countour, either, only because I don't know how one knows when they need to be countoured

I love light browns and light light golds and taupe-y colors. I also love greens as well, golders green was great for me! i also love all that glitters, grain (very beautiful, touch of color!) and melon.

I used to be able to get away with very light colored (like baby blue) eyeshadows but now... it isn't working out very well in my favor. I have to wear (at the very least) a little smidge of eyeliner every day because if I dont... my skin melts with the whites of my eyes and i look like an alien with no eye definition =/ meh!


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this probably wont be much help, because i am terrified of blushes but know i need colour.

i would die without porcelain pink msf. it gives me just enough colour to make me look alive but not like a clown or like i'm wearing tons of makeup.

and glissade also colours my cheeks well enough to add some life into them


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I like the brighter ones... Passionate, Dollymix, Frankly Scarlett... The trick with the vibrant colors is to use very little with a big brush, and blend blend blend.


I really like Milani Powder Mosaic in Sweet Cheeks, but it should be applied VERY, VERY LIGHTLY. I can't stress this enough. If I use just an infinitesimal quantity, and blend it like a mofo, it's gorgeous. If not, it's this shocking bright candy pink that really gives any look that touch of Mimi it really does not need. :-/


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I don't really contour, because-- yes, I admit it-- I don't really know how.

BUT, I do know what blushes work on my pale skin. From MAC, I like Cute, Pinch O' Peach, Lilicent, and Dollymix. From NARS, I really like Sin. That's actually the blush I use more than any other.

As for eye stuff, I stay away from black eyeliner and e/s, because it's just too harsh on me. Otherwise, I just use whatever works, and that's a surprising amount of stuff.


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I'm light and somewhat rosy. My fave MAC blushes are Coygirl & Mocha. Others include Milani Luminous, NARS Sin, Hard Candy Cheekie and Laura Gellar's Blush-N-Brighten in Berry (applied very, very lightly.)


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Blusehs are tough to get right when you're pale, ain't they? I didn't bother for years....

Plumfoolery is good, it's quite sheer so works in spite of my paleness. Dollymix is pretty too, though VERY pink on pale skin - I don't mind that personally....

IMHO stay away from Frankly Scarlet, it's beautiful on most skin finishes, but if you're anything like as pale as I am, it makes you look like a clown. Was going to take it back but a male(!!!!) friend who's very olive skinned pinched it: I know it's strange but he's a very adventurous fella, a kinda gothicy type and isn't at all adverse to wearing makeup when we go clubbing, I cried when I saw how beautiful and subtle it looked dusted across his cheekbones. Ironically it was ME it made look like a blinkin' drag queen, lol!!!

For a cheap blush try the Maybelline pink dream mousse one. It's nice and buildable, and I think cream blushes are good if you're very pale, as you can easily work a little bit of colour into your whole face.

Oh! Cheekhue in Gogh Gogh was wonderful, a soft pinky brown that they annoyingly d/c, if you can find it on ebay or something it's great. Looks scary in the tube but a great complexion warmer.

And oi!! 35 is a great and sexy age, luv! Nicely matured and in your prime :)


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I use Mocha and blend blend blend

I'm very pale, but lucky that pinks can work for me... my eyes are a very warm brown and this seems to offset my skin colour. Pinky golds work particularly well, though.


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i'm an NW15/NC15 (depending on the time of year, i guess) and i usually use MAC Desirous blush and MAC Refined Golden bronzer. i use the bronzer to contour and make my cheek bones look a little more pronounced with a large fluffy angled brush, then i add a liberal amount of Desirous to the apples. then i blend and buff everything with a kabuki to make it more subtle and natural looking.

i can't pull of pinks on the eyes either which really bums me out because pink is my favourite colour, but when i do it, it just makes me look really sick unless i do something really epic with the eyeliner which isn't really my style anymore. purples work really well for me though, i've been told. and i just got MAC Tempting e/s and ...


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I have an old Estee Lauder (I think) ColorStones Shimmering Face Powder. It's kind of like one of those mosaics with a rosy pink, coppery bronze, and shimmering light pink/white. It looks really beautiful for a shimmery yet natural look.

My other favorite blush, Milani Luminous is a peachy pink with a golden shimmer, which I've heard compared to Nars Orgasm.

Oh, and lately I've been reaching a lot for a blush by Rimmel Pink Rose, it's a very natural pink with not too much shimmer. Rimmel Apricot is nice for a peachier look.

For eyeshadow, my everday wash color is Urban Decay Sin.


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I love to use my msfs on my cheeks (Porcelain Pink and Glissade).

I also like to use Sweet William blushcreme and then highlight the apples of my cheeks with Hush CCB.


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I love pigments as blush. My fave at the moment is apricot pink, it looks amazing on its own, and if I want a little bit of a golden glow I add some gold dusk to it to make my perfect highlite colour.
I also like rose pigment, and suprisingly, accent red.

Pearlizers are great too, as are beauty powders - theyre natually sheer so even with a heavy hand they dont look too much. And MSFs are always a must for me - I ADORE porcelain pink. I like maidenchant blushcreme on me as well, it blends out to a really natural pink glow.

I dont bother with contouring, I have very high cheek bones with a rather defined hollow, but I have chubby, puffy cheeks under and around the apples. So contouring makes me look really odd, either like a chipmunk or some kind of weird zombie creature.
As far as the eyes go I wear pretty much anything except bright blues - freshwater is ok as a liner or crease colour, but I cant pull off parrot at all
Shame because I love the colour.
Im big on pinks, purples, corals and oranges. Sometimes I like to play with reds and yellows, I do a pretty good sunset eye with red and yellow shadows.

Oh and my current fave shadow combination is aquadisiac on the inner 1/2 of my lid, with hepcat on the outer 1/2, a light dusting of stars n rockets and a little freshwater in the crease. It looks amazing, and its a colour combination I never would have thought would work.

FTR - Im a touch darker than NW15, steel blue eyes with dark hair.


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I am NW15-20. I have dark brown hair and eyes. For contour, I lightly apply Harmony with an angled cheek brush from Essence of Beauty. For powder, I love Prescriptives Magic Powder. Regular powder tends to make me look ghostly. For bronzer, I use Tenderling blush or Refined Golden. For blush, I have and love Cheek (fave), Coygirl, Cubic, Desirous, Dollymix, Foolish Me, Margin, Peachy Keen and Pink Swoon. Non-Mac, I have Orgasm, Paula Dorf Playmate (love), and Illusion. I like Sweet William blushcreme. For highlighters, I like Shy Angel, Porcelain Pink, Shimmertime and Sunsparkled Pearl. Stila AOS #9 is great, too! My favorite shadows are Saddle, Vanilla, Orb, Smut, Leisuretime, Juxt, Meadowland, and Scene.


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Right now I am really into a dewy or glowing look. (As opposed to glowing-in-the-dark white!) I've been wearing Smashbox Fusion Soft Lights in "Smashing Intermix" for 2 weeks straight. When I swirl the brush on the pot, I only brush the lightest three shades, focusing on the pink. And as everyone has said, blending is key!

I also like the cream highlighter quad from Smashbox. The rose shade looks perfect on my cheeks and the light pink & white shades look amazing on eyes and anywhere else as a highlighter.

My other new obsession is tarte "tipsy" cheek stain. If I am very careful and apply it with a brush, it gives me a nice healthy glow.


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Originally Posted by Painkiller
I really like Milani Powder Mosaic in Sweet Cheeks, but it should be applied VERY, VERY LIGHTLY. I can't stress this enough. If I use just an infinitesimal quantity, and blend it like a mofo, it's gorgeous. If not, it's this shocking bright candy pink that really gives any look that touch of Mimi it really does not need. :-/

I have this also, and everything you said is exactly on the money! It's a good product for a not-so-big price.

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