Prep + Prime Eye?

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Is it anywhere near UDPP? I've ran out of my UDPP and I'm thinking about trying the prep and prime eye. I searched, but I couldn't find a thread that compares the two. Anyone care to give their views on the P&P Eye? TIA!!


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Not really similar. Prep + Prime Eye is more creamy and doesn't really dry down. It has a tendancy to crease. Not one of MAC's better products. I would recommend the following MAC prodcuts as bases before I would recommend Prep + Prime Eye:

- Paint Pot
- Paint (they seem to be thinning/discontinuing these though)
- Select Cover-UP
- Shadesticks (they seem to be thinning/discontinuing these as well)

There are sooo many new eyeshadow bases available from other companies now, as well. Peruse the local Sephora and check a few out.


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I agree with MAC Whore, P&P Eye is not that great, it just doesn't make the color "pop" for me, but I find that with UDPP as well. I am not a fan of UDPP myself (it always leaves a weird grey cast on everyone and is too dry for me), I have found better bases from other companies if you would like to try any, Laura Mercier's Metallic Creme Eye Color I use on most of my clients and also on me, but I tend to like a little shimmery base even under my matte shadows and it holds the color better for me than UDPP ever did. MAC's paints are right up there too and if you don't want a shimmer they make matte finishes as well, I like them better than the paint pots but those are good as a backup. Cliniques Touch Tints believe it or not are a nice base but not as long lasting as the LM or mAC, those 2 have lasted the best for me, esp. in our extremely humid summers here. I work 12-13 hour days and it my eye makeup always looks just applied.


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I personally can't stand prep+prime eye. Its greasy and creases badly. Doesn't make my colors pop at all. However, I do love the UDPP... I think it all depends on how much of it you use. I had to play with it and experiment for a while until I mastered the perfect amount and application. Also, you don't need to wait until it has completely dried to apply eye shadow. You get much better results and vibrant color, even with harder to see eye shadows, if you apply the shadow when it is just almost dry...not wet or anything, but kind of a little bit sticky. UDPP to me, is the best eye primer out there. You just have to experiment with it to get it down.
But yeah, I wouldn't waste money on prep+prime eye


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I like it. I use the lightest one and find it dries to a nice, not very heavy, matte finish. It doesn't really crease on me either.

It doesn't have any colour effect on the eye shadow I put over it, which I like. I want the eye shadow to do what it's supposed to do, not be affected by what's underneath it.

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