Presidential Pop Culture Quiz =) How much do you REALLY know?


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I read this today, thought it was entertaining, in light of all the political hateration that has been brewing on here as of late. It's all in good fun - see what score you get
. I got 5, which means i'm John McCain - lol.

Do you know your Palin from your Feylin, your fist jab from your soul tap and, more importantly, who stars in the VP porn tapes? Take our Presidential Pop Culture Quiz and find out!

An American presidential election in the modern era is, to be sure, an interesting paradox. On the one hand, it throws up some of the least sympathetic public figures in the known solar system, and produces wave after wave of unbearably, excruciatingly unwatchable visual moments - and those are just the ones involving Sarah Palin's piggy, twitching eyes. And yet, thanks to the USA's fine tradition of televisual satire, and indeed the internet's unerring ability to leap upon any minor candidate faux pas like a pack of raptors, the current dust-up has proved to be more entertaining than anything else on our screens, and will continue to be so until someone invents a show where former X Factor contestants are made to wrestle with bears. The US presidential race is the best source of comedy around - and not all of it intentional. So how closely have you been watching?

1. What did John McCain say to a college student who asked him if he wasn't too old to be running for president?
A) "Cheers, you young punk."
B) "Nice work, you precocious little asshole."
C) "Thanks for the question, you little jerk."
D) "Are you kidding? Take a walk before I kick your ass, short stuff."

2. How did Paris Hilton describe John McCain after he criticised her in a video?
A) "The man I keep seeing on Fox News."
B) "The guy who looks like my Uncle Earl."
C) "That one."
D) "That old guy."

3. Since Sarah Palin's rise to prominence, she has enjoyed the ultimate pop culture compliment - a porn star named in her honour. What is Serra Paylin's debut entitled?
A) Everybody Mass Debate
B) Adventures In The Oral Office
C) Who's Nailin' Paylin?
D) Serra Peylin: Wanton Winker

4. On The Daily Show, which TV character did McCain jokingly name as his running mate?
A) Omar Little from The Wire
B) Al Swearengen from Deadwood
C) Dwight Schrute from The Office
D) Toby Ziegler from West Wing

5. While speaking at an Al Smith fundraiser, where did Barack obama claim that he had been born?
A) The planet Krypton
B) In a manger
C) Within a stone's throw of the White House
D) The Bronx

6. Which of these is not one of the things that 'we can' in the Democrat anthem Yes We Can by Will.I.Am?
A) Say yes to opportunity and prosperity
B) Put food in the mouths of the starving children
C) Repair this world
D) Heal the nation

7. Which British comedy legend said of Sarah Palin's 'winking' display: "It's like a nice-looking parrot ... It says 'Aw shucks' every now and again but doesn't have any understanding of the words it's producing"?
A) Rowan Atkinson
B) Griff Rhys Jones
C) John Cleese
D) Michael Palin

8. Which Democrat film star told Sarah Palin "You are way hotter in person" on Saturday Night Live?
A) Tim Robbins
B) Alec Baldwin
C) Morgan Freeman
D) Chris "Ludacris" Bridges

9. What endangered species does Sarah Palin not want to be considered endangered after all?
A) The Kodiak bear
B) The beluga whale
C) The yellow-shafted flicker
D) The arctic wolverine

10. Everybody knows SNL's Tina Fey does an expert impression of Sarah Palin - but who plays vice-presidential debate moderator Gwen ifill on the show?
A) Queen Latifah
B) Sarah Silverman
C) Jennifer Coolidge
D) Regina King

11. What was John Stewart's response when Sarah Palin said that she liked being in "pro-America" small towns the best while on the campaign trail?
A) "If you like them so much, why don't you just move into one and leave us alone, scrunchy face?"
B) "Fuck you!"
C) "I can't take you seriously since I saw your porn lookalike doing her thing."
D) "No, really, fuck you."

12. What nonsensical phrase did Fox News coin to describe the "bumped fists" celebration that the Obamas shared after Barack won the Democratic candidacy
A) The "ghetto dap"
B) The "Nubian soul tap"
C) The "terrorist fist jab"
D) The "gangsta love pound"

13. How did Stephen Colbert describe Obama's rapport with the nation's youth in an interview with Larry King?
A) "He's passing his hope bong around around the drum circle of young America and inviting people to take deep tokes."
B) "He's chopping out lines of hope blow and passing youngsters a rolled-up $20 note."
C) "He's packed his pipe full of hope crack and he's selling it outside our nation's schools."
D) "He's slit the blunt of disillusion open, refilled it with the sticky green of hope, and is inviting youngsters everywhere to take a pull on this most chronic hydroponic."

Answers - 1/C 2/D 3/C 4/C 5/A 6/B 7/C 8/B 9/B 10/A 11/B 12/C 13/A

Who did you score?

0 - 4: George Bush
Oh dear. You don't appear to know anything. What do phrases like 'Troopergate" and "Belugagate" mean to you? Do you even know what you're supposed to shout at Obama at rallies? You don't, do you, because you're too busy watching bilge like Strictly Come Dancing to get involved. "Barack, you rock!"

5 - 8: John McCain
You're only about 50% informed when it comes to what's being said about the ongoing presidential and vice-presidential skirmishes; you're in the dark about a lot of the important stuff. You're not one of the candidates, are you? Ah yes, satire - it's alive and well here at the Guide.

9 - 13: Jon Stewart
The only way you can possibly know so much is if you are Jon Stewart. In which case, can we have an interview, please?


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Originally Posted by TISH1127
Not that this is a compliment on my behalf...However, I am John McCain


and woah Susana...smarty pants

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