Preventing peeling?


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I got pretty sunburnt last weekend... everywhere really but I'm most worried about my face. I'm been using aloe vera at night &moisturizing with baby lotion a couple of times a day. Still, this morning I noticed I am starting to peel in certain parts of my face, mainly aroung my mouth &nose. Its not hugely noticeable YET, but I really don't want my whole face to peel &look splotchy. Any suggestions on preventing peeling???



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I agree with the above post. Exfoliating will work wonders. I don't know of any way to prevent peeling, especially since it's already started.


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^^ Agree
Avoid peeling the skin yourself.
Use a gentle exfoliator (i.e. a facial one). Better yet, use a washcloth and rub gently.


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I agree with the above posters, but keep in mind that your skin shed cells anyway and since it's damaged now, it will shed even more. So, while the exfoliation and moisturizing may help, you'll still experience a lot of peeling.


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Thanks gals!

I woke up this morning with even MORE peeling skin
I must have moisturized 4x after getting home from work yesterday &I put a THICK layer of lotion on right before bed. Guess I will just have to let it takes its course... its so ICKY though
My best bet now I think it just to gently exfoliate with a warm washcloth &hope it sloughs away the dead skin.

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