Problem with the sale page sorting!!!


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I like that the website is new and refreshed but I am just having so many issues with it that I didn't have with the last one. First is when searching through the clearance bin/sale bin... a lot of them are showing highlighted and I never even selected them. Then like before I was able to sort them to see the newest thread and then the most recent post.. now it seems I am not able to do that and everything is just showing highlighted. Also it seems like there hasnt been anyone selling anything because the most recent on mine was dec 2015.
Can someone tell me if thats the current function or is the page still being updated??


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What do you mean by "highlighted"? Do you mean the bold text for thread names? That just means they have new posts since you last visited. Can you do a screenshot?

To jump to the newest post, look for a yellow-orange icon with a swooping right arrow in the "Last post by" column and click on it.

To see posts since you last visited, click the blue icon with two down arrows next to a thread title.

There is no way to sort threads.