professional colorists, help pleasee!


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I have been coloring my moms hair for about a year now(shes naturally level 4/5), and at first we used redken(colorgels) 5CB, but she liked it but wanted darker/less red so we switched to 4N. She has about 40% grey. She liked the 4n but when it fades it shows through alot of the old color, but even when I just retouch her roots, they pull so much red even just with the 4n. Now shes sick of the red and wants a neutral rich dark brown.

My question is how should I go about eliminating the red?
I know that green counteracts red, but its a coppery red undertone so I'm worried about that ending up really strange looking if I used a color with just green undertones. Any help is appreciated& thank you in advance.


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I checked out the Redken shade chart for those Color Gels and I think your best bet is to try the 6GN or 4GN. I always thought it was odd using a green-tinted color (especially a greened-brown) on clients, but it's worked on just about every one I used it on!