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Hello peoples

I've been looking a lot at the purple quad from spring forecast and wondering whether to get it, I'm very pale with blue/green eyes? what do you reckon?

Also as it may not be available much longer, are there any dupes for the colours in it? And I'd love somebody to point me in the direction for a few purples to try, am a total beginner with colour really, I'm so used to my neutrals.

Any suggestions most welcome.
Thanks guys!!


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I love purples!! Especially with a smokey eye

Some of my favorites are

Lighter purples
Pincurl LE
Beautiful Iris
Creme De Violet
Shale (one of my favorites)

Vibrant purples
Violet Trance
Make Up Forever #92

Medium/Darker purples
Purple Haze
Parfait Amour
Satellite Dreams
100 strokes LE

Some of my favorite purple pigments you can easily find samples of
-Smoke Signals
-Circa Plum

I don't know of any dupes for the quad, but there are enough lovelier purples out there that your not missing out on much!!


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I think purples are awesome for anyone with blue/green eyes and light skin. That's basically my coloring and I tend to really gravitate towards purples. That quad is gorgeous! Satellite Dreams, Parfait Amour, Beautiful Iris and Shadowy Lady are some of my personal fave MAC shadows:)

Dani California

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Thanks guys. Wow some great purples there for me to try

Cos I'm so pale, I'm worried in case it'll just look like I got a bruise

I really fancy something like Shale to ease myself in. YAY!!

Am going to see if my counter still has the quad? can't hurt right?


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here are some of my fave purples. i have the purple quad and the colours are fab - but the highlight shade in the quad is crappy with no colour payoff

beautiful iris shadow
parfait amour shadow
vibrant grape shadow
violet pigment
grape pigment
trax shadow


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Originally Posted by Dani California
Cos I'm so pale, I'm worried in case it'll just look like I got a bruise

i wouldn't suggest using purple on your lower lashline because of this. if you do, try to make it sharper and no very blended out. that's how most of us pale girls get the bruised look.

purples are great though, especially for pale skinned blue/green eyed people. i'm pretty pale and have green eyes, and purple is one of my favourites. i absolutely love liesuretime e/s (le, came out with belle azure while ago) and hepcat e/s.


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Since you're pale, purple make up will surely emphasize your eyes, so, don't worry in trying it!
I would add to the previous suggestions also Stars'n'Rockets (more "fuchsia") and Viz-A-Violet pigment.

Dani California

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Thanks guys

Was looking at the purples yesterday at the counter, I liked Shale, parfait amour and sattelite dreams, I didn't realise there was so many purples, i liked quite a few

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