Question for AL members


In early September my husband will have a military graudation and weather depending it will be outdoors. What is the weather like at the time? Hot and humid still???

I am going to need some mu suggestions for stay power through sweating. I've been exercising and lifting weights like crazy and I want to look perfect for him after not seeing him in so long (from Iraq to school... its been awhile to say the least).

Thats all. I really appreciate suggestions!!


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Water-based F&B foundation, creme blush, lots of blotting powder, and use waterproof eye make-up where possible.


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in AL?
That's Alabama right?
Heyyyy humidity, how YOU doin'...?

No seriously, if AL is like GA (or Coastal GA I should say) it'll be humid but not as hot.

Lara gave the beeessttt advice!!