questionable f/s pigments/eyeshadows at ebay!


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I don't know if these are soon-to-be released colors but I couldn't find any info on these names anywhere (esp. on future color stories). Also, I emailed the seller for batch numbers and info regarding the items and she hasn't responded yet.

I'm not trying to bid on these. I was looking at her e/s and was thinking of bidding when I came across these. I just think that something is leery when seller does not have actual pictures of items and wouldn't send further info. The pigment listings make me wonder whether her e/s are genuine as well. I'm not here to save the world but I just hate to see another buyer's hard-earned $$$ be taken by these unscrupulous sellers!

Someone please tell me if I am correct on this!


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WN is shorthand for "Working Name" - this is put on M·A·C products that are not yet released and the name may be changed before the product is sold. The sample label is appropriate too given the WN designation. Having said that, without an actual photograph I wouldn't buy anything.

The sellers regular shadows which are pictured are genuine.


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Thanks for the info caffn8me! I didn't bid on anything; just didn't want to take the chance. Might as well buy here at Specktra!!