Random Haul :P


Ahh (; I`ma have so much fun with my new things. Anyways heres what I got && a little statement of what I think..


» Urban Decay Pallette - sorry IDK exactly the name for it.. it's a lavender pallette with nine shadows.. I love `em.. they`re so sparkly. So I needa have tape to take out the fall out glitter :p

» Chanel E/S Dual Diamant & Blue Francais - hmm IDK.. I expected it to be full of pigment.. but it looks very cheap to me. Ehh..

» Lancome Juicy Wear L/G Clear - I lovee it. But it taste too sugary ehh, I don`t recommend this for the morning wear.

» MAC Smoke Signals Gentle Fumes Quad - ADDICTED! I love this alot more then I thought I would.

» MAC Smoke Signals Smoking Eyes Quad - Lovers it <3 Pretty much amazing.. no complaints.

» MAC E/S Chrome Yellow - Love this yellow <3

» MAC McQueen E/S Pagan - Ehh.. the color looks nice in the pot (but!) it's not nearly aswell pigmented. I think I`ma buy the corresponding paintpot [;

» MAC Fluidliner Royal Wink - Woooh, pretty color <3 the texture is different from blacktrack (< which btw is to die for).

Welp! That`s it.. a random haul.

OMGAH! I almost forgot.. around where I lived they opened a mini cosmetics store / perfume place.. they don`t have alot but I got this set of Jerome Alexander brushes which brought five fluffy amazing real hair AWESOME brushes.. for only FIVE DOLLARS. They work better then the ones from Sephora..

SO! If you find them; BUY THEM!

Muahs <3

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