Rated R


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Should I get it?

I have never tried NARS anything before, but I just love these colors! What do people that have it think of it? I need help!!



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Its one of the most well-known duo NARS carry

It really depends on what type of makeup style you like, if you tend to use vivid colors like MAC Parrot or Cornflower Pigments then you might like this one. The finish result of it is pretty much like most of the MAC promo shots, ith opposite bright, almost neon colors blend together.

If you usually play around the neutral, earthly browns, nude beiges, then I recommanded All About Eve (AAE). AAE is probably the best-selling duo NARS carry. It composes of two peachy colors, one with slightly shimmer and the other metallics for poping the eye.
Earth Angel Duo is rather safe as well, same with Kalahari and Tokyo.

As for the in between, not so jumpy but not that safe, try Cleo.


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I am not afraid of color, so thats not an issue!

How close is the chartreuse green to MACs Bitter? And is the blue close to anything MAC...just so I can make sure I don't already have very similar colors.


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I have this and absolutely love it. I do recommend a base though since the chartreuse can come out more on the faded yellow side especially after a few hours.
I've always used a nude base like FY Eye(Benefit) or Blisslabs eyeshadow fastener but after hearing all the raves about Urban Decay Primer Potion I need to make a purchase soon.


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I ended up passing on this duo because I could basically dupe it with my MAC, so instead I bought the Misfit duo and the Thebes cream shadow duo!


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I love Rated R. I wear it over Two Faced First Base. I tried it with UDPP, but UDPP dulls the colours of my shadows down to dust...... I like it over TF First Base because it amplifies colours and really grips the pigment. Very nice tropical colours.....