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Hey guys I'm lookin for a really DARK black gel liner that won't budge. I've tried MAC's liquid liner in Bootblack but that looks grey on my skintone (NW45).
Which is best, MAC Fluidline, BB gel liner or that new MUFE Aqua creme liner?


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I've tried fluidline and I LOVE it, but it also shows up a little grey on me and I'm NC35. I've heard rave reviews on the BB gel liner, I'm going to give it a try when I run out of my liquid liner.


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Fluidline Blacktrack is my HG. It doesn't smudge, long lasting and it has never creased on me. Give it a try, you'll love it


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I love the way BB Long-Wear Gel Liner looks and the best part of all is that it is completely smudge proof, lasts all day and night and is completely waterproof (which I discovered when I got tossed into a pool). It lasts longer than MAC Fluidline (of which I own). This really is long-wearing and you need a heavy duty makeup remover to get it to even budge! Also, BB Gel Liner in Black Ink is a true dark black compared to MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack (which appears not as dark). Don't get me wrong I use my MAC Fluidline everyday and I trade it out for BB Gel Liner for special occasion since it's a little bit pricey. I have yet to try MUFE Aqua Cream Liner.


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Definately MAC s black track fluidline. I use the 266 brush with it which gives me a medium-thick line


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i'm super pale but black liners tend to go grey on me (i dont know why??)
either way, i use blacktrack fluidline than i go over it with carbon eyeshadow and it gets very very black and does not smudge on me.


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I love blacktrack too, and it stays on forever, but in the event that it goes grey on you, Stila's Kajal liner in Onyx (thank you Shimmer!) is the blackiest black black black liner I've ever used. It's very soft and smooth, so it does have a tendency to smudge, but I set it with Carbon, and it stays put for me...just don't use it in your waterline...even after setting with Carbon, it looked like I was a heroin addict within 2 hours.


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I use stila smudgepot in black and it's definitely BLACK and smudgeproof once it sets (it gives you a few seconds to smudge it out if you want and then it wont budge) it doesn't fade on me either. I always have to take it off with makeup remover.


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I'm the odd girl out, but I prefer BB gel eyeliners to fluidlines. I have blacktrack and BB black and I reach for the bb black and not the blacktrack. Go for the BB - all of my gel eyeliners are BB now and the shimmer ones are gorgeous and she's coming out with new ones in September!

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