Rebuilding My Hair :(


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Hiii guys, I've posted about my hairs' dry/weakness a few times but this really is an issue I need to address sooner rather than later! It's endured a whole lot of dyeing and bleaching and is now very very weak, it's breaking off, feels like straw and is very dull! I've been using Aussie Moisture Miracle shampoo/conditioner since september as well as their 'Long' leave-in conditioner, my hair has improved but it's just not enough. I've posted on another forum also & it got mentioned that I should use keratin products to restore my hair.

What can I do to get my hair back to its' original smooth glossy condition? & what brands/products would you recommend? I'm open to using natural products/oils too if that helps :) & how important is it to have it trimmed when it's in this condition??

Thanks a bunchhh!!!


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Once hair is over-processed, especially with bleach, it is nearly impossible to restore it. How long is it and how short are you prepared to get it cut? You are probably better off getting it cut considerably shorter and let it grow out. I would also stay away from any double-process highlights but only use single process products (well, depending on how dark your hair is naturally - if you are darker than 7.0, it's probably not ideal). Good luck.


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I'm new round these here parts but I couldnt help but throw my 2 cents in
This will sound gross but your best friend is :


I used to do it on my dark hair once in awhile because it just removed buildup, made it super soft and very shiny.
A few months back I went from a level 3-4 or so to level 10-11.. in 2 sittings in 3 days. 9 hours of bleaching and toning( I have mass amounts) hair HATED me. After the initial bleaching I let mayo sit on my head a good hour and a half, and when my hairdresser attacked it two days later she said she had never seen hair recover to that point so quickly.
So now, I do it once a month, every time I get my roots redone. I get minimal breakage, feels like silk, doesnt feel mushy when wet. And she recommends for all her bleaching clients to use it now.
Oh, and I didnt have to cut off more than an inch or two to get rid of damage :) Not that it will repair split ends, but it definitely helps with the appearance of them.


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Hair cuts are imperative! Like Mac-Guy already said, start by getting it cut as short as you're willing to go. Then, after that, get at least an inch and a half trimmed off every 6-8 weeks.
Also.... MOST shampoos are produced with sodium laurel sulfate or other damaging detergents. Those ingredients are incredibly harmful to hair! Especially color treated, bleached, and/or severly damaged hair.
My hair is styled and damaged daily for my work, so I know all about wanting to use the best products on my hair to keep it at its tip top shape and not cause MORE damage by stripping products! I started using WEN cleansing conditioner almost 2 years ago and now I will NEVER go back to "normal" shampoo! PLUS this ONE product replaces up to FIVE products your probably already using! It's a miracle product and my hair's never looked better! I probably sound like an infomercial, but it really is THAT good! HeeHee

You can do the needed research by searching the product online. It's available at, QVC, eBay.
Good luck sweetie! It will take some time and effort on your part, but you can get your hair back to a healthy and strong place!


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Thankyou everyone for your advice!!! There's actually nothing worse than having scratty hair, I could sooo kick myself now damnit. I will try out your methods and update soon :p hopefully with very strong & healthy hair again!


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i have highlighted hair and honestly the best thing for it is getting it cut regularly. i have mine trimmed every couple of months and i also tend to use deep conditioning treatments as my normal conditioner. plus i like to use oil treatments such as the ojon oil.


I have light blonde highlighted hair after going from my medium/dark brown natural colour. It was a bit dry, lacked shine and a bit frizzy afterwards and my normal conditioners weren't really doing anything for my hair. Im also trying to grow my hair long again after getting it cut to my shoulders which I really regret which is how I came across this product.

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment.Its like a deep conditioner.

It comes in a round pink tub and you put a good amount of it all over your hair from root to tip and let it sit for a good 5 minutes. You wash it out and then put in your normal conditioner. It leaves my hair really soft, non greasy even after using two types of conditioning products, leaves it shiny and takes the frizz away. It also really does work with the hair growth too. My hair was cut into a shortish graduated bob a few months ago and since I started using this it has really improved my hair a lot and I notice the growth in my hair too which was a lot faster than before. My hair is now in really good condition too.

Its about £5.99 from Boots.

Hope this helps :)
Hair cuts are essential, layering is also a good option if you don't want to take alot of length off of your hair. A deep conditioning masque will work as well. Put it on your hair and leave it on for about 20 minutes with a cap so you get heat to it. This worked for me when I had over processed blonde hair. Since then I have sort of let it go more natural.


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i have highlighted hair and honestly the best thing for it is getting it cut regularly. i have mine trimmed every couple of months and i also tend to use deep conditioning treatments as my normal conditioner. plus i like to use oil treatments such as the ojon oil.

Lou, do you use actual bleach or is it a single-lift hair color? Judging from your pictures, you base hair is so light that you can easily achieve a level 11 - 12 with a color rather than bleach. It makes such a difference on the texture of your hair.


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I completely agree with the hair cutting. When I dye my hair, I essentially destroy it every time it's dyed: cutting is imperative.
I tend to use salon quality shampoos, only because I feel that they work far better in my hair than drugstore brand: however that's just my opinion.

Never, ever use a 2 in 1. Not that it will doing anything BAD for your hair, but it just won't do anything great for your hair. I switch off between K-PAK moisturzing shampoo by Joico with Voilet Shampoo, to keep the tone of my blonde. On top of that, the night before I wash my hair (I only wash it twice a week), I leave in an oil (argyn oil) overnight, to moisturize it. In the shower, I'll use either the k-pak or the violet and finish off with the k-pak moisturizing conditioner. I leave in the conditioner for about a minute (that's what the bottle says). Finally, after I wash the conditioner out I use this moisturizing mask from mid-shaft down, and leave it on for five minutes before washing it out.

Out of the shower, I use a moroccan oil (I swear by this stuff) with some shine serum, blow dry, heat style and go. Obviously I still have some split ends, but for the most part they're pretty rare in my hair.


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I've had a similar issue with breakage and everythign after massive amounts of bleaching and dying over highlights and consistent flat ironing. I got onto the moroccan oil treatment system and got regular hair cuts (trims really), and i felt like it really made a difference


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honestly make sure ur not using any sulfates in your hair products (i.e shampoo) that will only make it worse.. try the macadamia conditioner treatment (in the tub).. works wonders.. and dont use the same conditioner switch up every time you wash your hair.. if your hair is severely damaged your gonna wanna do heavy conditioning 2-3x a week! get cuts every 6-8 weeks.. lay off gels and hairsprays unless REALLY NEEDED.. cut down on heat..flat irons and blow drying as much as possible (learn to do heatless styles).. and use an argan oil serum.. ive been in your position and now my hair has never been so healthy! good luck! :)