Recent Haulage, Part Deux (New Mall?!?)


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So today was my long-awaited Southcenter hauling and boy, was it worth it.

The Mariner's Team Store was open before the rest of the mall and I got a few little doo-dads-pink baseball bat, mini Richie Sexson bobblehead, and Kenji Johjima cell phone charm. Total damage? $13.06.

H&M bored me to tears, however I did pick up two hats-a black conductor hat and a black fedora (the fedora was from men's...which fit my big head way better) as well as some butterfly hair clips. Total damage? $19.29. I did get some eco shopper bags out of it though.

Gilly Hicks kicked butt. The girls there kick butt, everybody is so nice, and the loungewear is comfy. I need more of the basic shorts-and they are NOT too short for me! I actually feel COVERED. Anywhoo, total damage from shorts, tank top, and a mini hand cream? $52.33.

VS Pink was insane. Talk about the craziest lines and I was stuck in front of three girls who only bought a lollipop to get their free big nylon tote. I did get a big pillow, as well as a little ID carrier and then an air freshener. Yes, I got the big pink tote. Total? $32.70 post discount.

Love Culture seemed to be just like Wet Seal and a lot of those stores, and I wasn't really feeling the clothes. However they had CUTE accessories. I got two neon green bangles with a skull print, a rhinestone stretch bracelet, some star earrings, and a rhinestone headband, all for $21.36.

My final mall store that I actually bought from? MAC bien sur. They had two painted men with the Electroflash patterns-and the artists all complimented ME on my makeup! Ha. They had Starflash out already so I got Sunset B. but I figured that I also should pick up a pigment, because I can wait to start my palette. I went with Fuschia since Pink Pearl ain't cutting it for me. Total? $37.06.

Then we decided to make our merry way down to Ikea since my friend needed hangers, and well I hadn't been in ages. I got two different lamps-the little $6 red table lamp, and a pink gooseneck lamp on As Is for $4-as well as a mini pizza cutter, a star-shaped ice cube tray, and a utensil set. Total damage for that? $18.49.

Total damage? $200 and some change, which was my budget for the day.


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YAHOOOO, great haul. I am going tomorrow
Enjoy thy goodies.