Recent Haulage


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Sorry no pics, but this stuff is kickin'.

So I told myself to go on a smidge of a no-buy for the new collections...but when Express has insane sales AND coupons, I am there. Over the course of three trips, I got:
Basic one-shouldered tops in pale yellow and pale green
Orange one-shouldered tops-one has a hibiscus and such on it, the other has glitter and sequins
Wood bead necklace
Two flowered skirts-one a greyish-floral, the other a brighter floral
And my pride and joy-a pink floral strapless SILK dress. I love that it has a tromp l'oeil belt-and I bought the matching clutch to go with it as well.

Then for my MAC, I went to the CCO-and ended up with Chartru and Canton Candy paints. I am loving them to death and will get more-now I can truly do a full face at the beach since I can go off the diving board and the shadow stays put. I got three packages too. One had Angelcake shadow which I am ABUSING. The next one had Marigold glitter, which is an old glitter-translation? Chunky. Yet I still love it and will get use out of it-someday. Haven't gotten any yet. Finally, I got the Sak's 2004 Dazzle palette, which I love for the CCB. The lips are nice too...but the best part? Swarovski on the case.

Oh yeah, had to get my Colour Forms. I got Gilded Green, Royal Flush, and the Warm Lips. I usually don't buy palettes since they will end up at the CCO but this had me at Oh Garnet!...and I am abusing this one like crazy as well. I will rebuy MULTIPLES. At the CCO, of course...

And since I love Nordie's and a lady I know went back to work at the Lancome counter, I had to get the Fashion Queen palette. It is amazing for $39 PLUS the gift. Anywhoo, the palette has 6 shadows and two blushes. I can use the shadows to do a nice soft look and when I did it with Hollywood Nights the other day, it made everything all balanced.

Oh yeah, the GWP. I got the usual stuff PLUS an extra shadow quad, extra Defencils and Cils Booster, and a sample of the shadow base, which I will try tomorrow.

Keep tuned though because I have more hauling coming up later this week...the hauling I have saved up for! Hahaha...