recommend hairstylist in San Diego??


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ok, i love my stylist, but she moved to Florida over a year ago...though she comes back every 3 months to visit one of her daughters (18yo. didn't want to leave bf and move to Fl). but she still takes appts.

the thing is, it's getting so hard to wait 12 weeks sometimes...granted i don't always cut my hair every 12 weeks...but the bangs. i can't wait that long and the hair looks so bad. i stopped coloring, too, since being in school i worked to pay my rent and tuition.

i prefer a stylist located north of the 8 freeway (just not wanting to drive as far as southside.) my stylist use to be near fashion valley.

plus affordable is a huge plus. she charged me $40-45 cut, $60-65 for color. and she was great. i have coarse, asian hair. my sis has fine, asian hair. and yet she makes us both look great.

oh, and if you have pics of hair that your stylist has done, that'd be great.



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I'm looking for one in San Diego too and I don't care where they are! I'll go as far south as San Ysidro and as far North as La Jolla/UTC. I need someone who can cut and style "black" hair. PLEASE!!!


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I usually go to expensive places downtown (Regis and a place across from ralphs...forget the name) but i just went to marinello school and the girl did an awesome job....for 9.95 (cuz i have long hair)

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