Recommendations for Wedding/Bridal Make-up!!


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So a good friend of mine has asked me to do her and her bridesmaids make-up for her wedding in October.

i have not done any makeup since 2005! and so i'm really nervous! i've only done 5 girls in a wedding that one time lol..

and so i don't even have a kit anymore and don't know where to start. what do i need? (just basic items)

what are some good foundations that would work well with staying long and great for photographs..

also some colorschemes? she's unsure if she wants traditional/natural.. but her color scheme of the wedding is turquoise/teals..

and i told her i don't do hair that i'm hair stupid lol.. but im so nervous!

and cost? i really don't know what to charge as i'm not a professional - i just do make-up for fun..

i believe there are 5 ladies i need to do (including bride) some have hooded eyes and i've not worked with that eyeshape before..

i'm nervous and not quite sure what to look for/to do lol - so i know i could trust my fellow specktrette's to help me!


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foundations that are nice for photos and stay

for someone with great skin mufe face and body. its purely for evening out skin, almost a tinted moisturizer. 100% invisible coverage totally buildable where you need it (doesnt cake) and is waterproof.

mufe HD: tons of colours. high def finish. help balance oily skin/dry skin. contains silica to help reflect light and give a soft focus glow. long wearing and oil free. set with a powder (silica) its uber long wearing. good on most skin types.

bare minerals is good too and a lot of people use it, so if someone has it, maybe stick with it for them. it evens out the skintone well. is godo for the skin. longwearing as long as you prime and set. and its easy to layer it. its just not good for people with dry skin.

colour schems, i wouldnt do blue/turquois personally, unless its a pretty funky wedding. i would stay with colours like neutrals, bronze, golds, maybe some purples (as tthey can be passed off as fairly neutral a lot of the time) maybe a bit of charcol.

colours ive been using a lot are odione by nars, galapagos (nars), vanilla, next to nothing, espresso, woodwinked, circa plum pigment, indian ink, naked pigment, all that glitters, nocturnelle, satin taupe, antiqued, amber lights, Cordura duo by nars, kalahari duo by nars.

for lips ive been using colours like brave, 209 by mufe, mitzi by nars for your lip but better looks. that kind of pinky muave... brooklyn by buxom is great too. For a girl that doesnt like to wear lipstick i LOVE o-gloss by smashbox especially if they request a darker eye since its sheer, but gives a pop of pink to the lip. A grog. long wearing red is cruella by nars (the velvet lip pencil) and theres one by stila. for nudes im really diggin some of the buxom shades as well as belle du jour by nars with striptease over. Another fav is Dolce Vita by Nars again...

For cheeks ive been bronzing a lot since its the summer, my go to is obviously laguna. Cheeks i like orgasm on most pale girls. Other Nars blushes i love to use are desire, torrid deep throat and on anyone with a dark skintone taj mahal. MAC blushes ive been using include Dame, springsheen and dollymix. Some of the MUFE HD blushes are great too, specifically 2, nipslip, and no 14. My All purpose highlighter for white girls has been albatros and its beauitful as an eye highlight too. Another greta highlight that works on ALL skintones is the mufe star powder... 209 mayeb??? its white with a gold duochrome. It goes on sheer and its easily buildable.

i would honestly do a consult on they first. I find that even bridesmaids get twitchy on wedding days if they dont already know what theyre going to look like. I had a maid of honour the other day bring in a picture of Fergie with a black smokey eye and request it, saying she never wore makeup. So i told her it might be too jarring, and to maybe go with softer browns for a day wdding. well thats what i did. she kept asking for me to make it darker, bright it up higher yadda yadda. i didnt, telling her to wait till the end then we could change it. well, we get to the end and "its too dark! i dont look like me!" well lady, you said you never wear makeup and now yove got a full face on!!! sesh! i know it was goregous, she was nuts.

oh oh!! eyeliners to add to yoru kit; the new stila smudge sticks are devine. ive been using them on the waterline and smudged into the lashes, they work so nicely and stay put!!

as for fees, sorry i cant be help.

Sorry if this was all over the place.... i kinda feel all over the place.

OH!! pick up a good fixer like UD all night long or MUFE mist and fix

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