Rec's for Cool neutrals


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I'm newly blonde so checking out some new colours to brighten up my new look!

I'm cool toned and warm browns look muddy and hideous on me. Any suggestions on cooler browns I can try?

I love satin taupe and magnetic fields for starters.

Dani California

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I'm same as you,the warmer browns are starting to look muddy on me and making me look tired.

I see you already love satin taupe

I just got Patina, its sort of in the neutral category I think, its a greyish brown but with a gold cast, hard to describe but worth a try!

I'm also after cooler browns!


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ooh I was after a med soft brown so will definitely check out cork.

Another cool neutral I like is coquette, I was rec'd that by an MA and looks yuck in the pan but lovely on the skin. I mainly use it on my brows but will get around to using it on my lids at some stage.

I had patina but swapped it away before I got a chance to use it properly! I think I'll probably give that a second go too


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nyx iced mocha is really pretty. sometimes i use electra(frosty cool silver) blended in with browns to help cool them down. it really helps and looks so pretty even if the shadow has gold shimmer in it.i hate anything reddish around my eyes and my skin is warm. it just isn't flattering imo.


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Omega is an excellent cool neutral.. I always use it to blend out a grey smokey eye.

I also really like Copperplate in the crease. The next two are limited edition, but you may still be able to find Style Snob (Starflash - Love That Look) at the counter and Warming Trend (Cool Heat) at the CCO or in a swap.

I find Style Snob to be a lighter version of Satin Taupe.. and Warming Trend is just a really nice cool brown.

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