Recs for light-olive NC25 --desperately needed!


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I am NC25, light olive complexion with yellow undertones. Natural medium brunette currently with lots of blonde highlights with brown eyes with some hazel flecks. I seem to not be having any luck trying to match things with my skintone. I purchased MAC Ravishing for a peach lipstick and it looks hideous on me. I do have pretty full lips, but the color just looked so bad on me. I bought Please Me and this shade of pink didn't seem to suit me. It was ok, but didn't seem "right". Rust colored eyeshadows don't look good on me... I look great in a smoky eye or light brown shadow. Creme Cup and Angel look amazing on me. Blankety looks alright, a little too nude. I need suggestions, because I'm getting frustrated : ( Anyone else with a complexion similar to mine that can help?

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