Recs for starting our my lipstick/blush collection?


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I'm looking for some basic/must have mac lipsticks & nars/mac blushes.
I already own:
hue l/s
brave new bronze l/s
girl about town l/s
prism blush
nars desire blush

I don't like anything too shimmery or with a frost finish.
I have a somewhat tan complexion; I'm an nc37 in sff & 127 in mufe hd with black hair & a bit of super light blonde in my bangs.
Recs are MUCH needed! Thanks a lot in advance!

I would also love some lipglass recs if anyone wants to throw that in. thanks again!


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I'm an NC30ish so you'd be a little darker than me but my absolute favorite lipglass/lusterglass is Love Nectar. It's a sheer peachy pink and while it does have some shimmer, it's not alot and it's not frosted. It's my usual go to color and I keep it in my purse to swipe on during the day at work.

I haven't come across too many blushes that weren't at least a little shimmery but I do like Gingerly blush which is a bronzey peach and it doesn't have any shimmer. It gives that "healthy glow" to my skin.

As for l/s, the only one that I have that I don't consider shimmery or frosted is Syrup which is a pinkish color but it's almost the same shade as my lips and my lips are pigmented but not overly so. I would just do a search on here for some swatches on the swatch thread and see what you think. That's what I do when I'm looking for ideas on new stuff.

I've just started using Nars stuff and of course I have Orgasm blush which so far is the pretties blush I have ever used. I looked also at Taos which I wanted to buy but Sephora was out of it. It was a deeper darker pinkish red so I think that would look great on you too since your skin a tad bit darker than mine.

Hope that helps!!


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I love Springsheen blush, it looks really shimmery in the pan but it doesn't apply like that, I can barely tell there is a shimmer. And you should try Viva Glam V, it is a great neutral lipstick that looks great on almost everyone! HTH!


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MAC Peaches blush, it's a true peach with 0 shimmer, it will give you a healthy glow

MAC Enchantress, Pink Lemonade, C-Thru lipglass

MAC Myth, Lovelorn lipsticks

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