Recs: taking my makeup overseas, how do I pack?


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I was thinking of bringing my mac traincase as carryon but I'm not sure that would be allowed. I want to make sure it gets there safe and sound. What I'm most worried about is my palettes I would hate for my shadows to break in the trip. Any recs greatly appreciated I'm going to Ecuador on march 11, thanks loves!


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Originally Posted by Blushbaby
...don't take MORE than you need, like I always do!

I think that will be my problem lol ill be there for two months


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You should buy those small carry on suit case or duffel bag and pack it in there. I traveled a lot as a teen and during my first few years of college and i would get things stolen from my luggage all the time especially mac brushes [F the TSA], so my best advice is to carry it on. The only thing i would put in my luggage is maybe fluid things such as fluid foundation, strobe, etc+ and i place it in a zip lock bag and wrap it with one of my shirts

Also you may want to write down a list of all the things that you bring, so when you leave from your vacation you know what your missing from your makeup case. I've lost quite a few things before, dont know why..

I normally take 2 15 pan palettes, 5 face brushes, 6 eye brushes,[I bought a brush roll for this reason] my favorite blushes/MSF, primers, couple of lip products, foundation stuff, eyebrow stuff. 2 months is a pretty long time though.. I normally bring a jansport backpack and put all my makeup in there

Equador sounds like an exciting place to visit! Hope you have great time!!


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Just send it all to me and I will keep it safe until you return.....Those people over there dont care what you look like anyway....I will email you my address
I will use it to while you are it doesn't feel neglected....Just trying to help!!!

Put everything you can in your carry on.....Or have it sent prior to your departure.....My bestfriend always has hers sent via UPS Priority well packaged in tons of Bubble wrap, peanuts, newspaper, etc


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LOL at Tish!
I don't mind helping you to take care of your stuff too, if you don't mind sending it over to Singapore.

I'm not travelling anytime soon, but I was wondering if the containers (e.g. l/g, l/s, blush) will crack/break with the air pressure changes on the plane?
I brought a perfume bottle once and it cracked and leaked all over my makeup pouch.


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Take as little as possible and don't take anything that you can't stand losing or irreplaceable LE items. Remember the TSA rules on liquids in carry-on luggage and beware the ramp-rats (baggage handlers).

If you take liquids in checked baggage, squeeze air out from the bottles as best you can and use electrical insulating tape to secure the lids properly. With rigid bottles use elec trical tape too but you obviously can't squeeze air out. Then put all liquids in a ziplock bag. That way, you won't have product escaping as the air pressure changes and if it still does then it won't go all over your clothing.

If you take powder items in your checked luggage, hide them among clothing in lots of different places to reduce the risk of theft. If they're ll together in one bag they might be too obvious and too tempting to someone.

Good luck and have fun!



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a great trick i got from an MA is to put glad press 'n seal over the shadows and then close the lid of the pallette on top of them. that will keep them secure.

have a nice trip!

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