Red blush on NW 15, what do you think?


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I love blush! I'm pale and blush instantly makes me look more awake and.. there are just so many reasons for loving blush.

I have several pink tones, peachy pinks, bluish pinks, peach, corals, some neutrals... but i don't have any red. I'm thinking of trying something raspberryish or more wine perhaps. Do you think it would work for me? If so, do you have any ideas for good products, doesn't have to be MAC?

I'm NW15 with brown hair and blue eyes, a little like Snow white with the right blush and gloss.


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Red blush could totally work! Because you're pretty light, you'll obviously want to use a light hand to get that perfect, I-got-stuck-in-the-snow flush. So that means using a less dense brush like the 188 or 187.

Maybe try MAC Frankly Scarlet (matte), or some mineralize blushes like Love Thing or the since discontinued Merrily (you might still be able to find it, I have heard many people raving about this blush).


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I agree with gigiopolis, I think a red blush has the potential to look beautiful on pale skin (applied with a light hand).

I'd love to hear everyone's recs for particular blushes too, I'm in the same boat and am interested in more vibrant blushes as well.


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I was intrigued at first as nw15 and red blush is a MESS on me! It brings out the pink and redish undertones and I look sick!

If you wanna try it. Use a light hand for sure and Make sure you have a calm lip and eye look casue your cheeks will take over!

Good Luck! Just my own expierence but wanted to share...


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Ok, so, I'm paler than NW15 and I love intense blushes. I find the best way to use them, though, is start on the outer part of the cheekbone, toward the hair line, and blend down toward the apple of the cheek. Straight onto the apple isn't going to be particularly cute. I LOVE the colour of Love Thing, and also have Merrily and Serenely BPB. All are lovely.
A 187 helps a lot in applying these.


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If you are looking for non-MAC blushes, aromaleigh has some really pretty bright reds. I am super paler than NC15...probably around a 5 lol, and I really like the effect they give me. I like the doll-look. I know aromaleigh's samples such, but the Rocks! blushes are so pigmented you need just a tiny tiny amount. Here is a link if you wanna check it: Rocks! Sonic Rouge- Are you ready to Rock?

I have personally tried both of the really reds "cherrybomb" and "firewoman" and they are really pretty. HTH!


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I am NW15-20 and I love Merrily mineralised blush. I apply it with a 187 so it's more sheer and looks natural

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