Red Cherry False Lashes


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I've been buying Red Cherry false lashes and they are every bit as lovely on myself and my clients as the MAC lashes I've been using for the past 9 years. They have a lot of cuts from natural to wild. Quite a few of them have similarities to MAC lashes and they are cheaper than MAC lashes--even if you have an employee discount! I particularly recommend the #DSW which is a wispy lash with a slight tangle and a thick/thin styled base like a #7. They give fullness and length but still have a natural feel. I don't recommend doing mascara on top of those, though.

I've been buying my Red Cherry from and they are $1.99 for most pairs. She has the most reasonable rate I've found on the internet...many of the other sites buy them wholesale and sell them for around $4. Also, Madame Madeline carries a brand called Elise that have many of the exact same styles as MUFE and Illamasqua for around $5.


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Hey. I live close to northridge. I love red cherry lashes but i always have to buy them online i haven't been able to find them at actual stores. Can I know where you buy yours?


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I have tried Red cherry lashes.. and i normally go for normal cuts for night parties.. they are so easy to use and looks great!! if you are thinking to buy, don't just only thick.. try them! they are worth it!

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