Red l/s recs for NC25


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I'm looking for red lipstick recs...I'm NC25, brown eyes with green flecks (not quite hazel), my skin has strong yellow undertones. The recs can be MAC, drugstore, etc. I have Russian Red, and just find it looks "weird" on me. Maybe it is too blue-toned?


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If it was still available I'd recommend Revlon Colorburst lipstick in True Red. Unfortunately I think that entire range has been discontinued in favour of the lip butters. Sucktastic, because the lipstick formula was/is amazing, IMO. In lieu of that, check out Illamasqua Sangers. It's a deepish matte red, not much blue in it. Actually, Illamasqua have a pretty good selection of reds overall. Within MAC, maybe Ruby Woo or Lady Danger?


I'm also an NC25 in MAC, but I have dark brown eyes and black hair.

I actually really like Russian Red on myself. Do you pair it with a certain lip liner?
My all-time fav red lipsticks though are Ruby Woo (with Cherry lip pencil) and Lady Danger (with Redd lip pencil). I think it compliments my skin tone and makes it look brighter in a way :)

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