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it's my work collegues birthday on the 16th of May, and she keeps eyeing up red lipsticks, but sighs and says she doesnt know what she could 'pull off'

she's about 35, and has light brown hair, with dark blonde hightlights, and a light to medium skin tone. she always picks the 'natural' shade out of the foundations. when you have the choice of like ivory, natural, almond or golden. so i would say probably about an NC/NW 20-30, she has blue eyes. If i had to decide I would say she is warm toned.

I want to get her a mac lippie for her birthday, but not a gift card, cos i know she would chicken out, and she doesnt have any 'expensive' make up, so i want to give her something a bit nice. Can any of you recommend a flattering red, that isnt too 'in your face' for her?

Thanks in advance for your help

X Alana
What about VG Cyndi? It's red but sort of sheer, so she could make it bold for night by layering it (or using a red lipliner) and just wear it by itself during the day. Totally not an intimidating red, but a very pretty one!


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Viva Glam Cyndi, Ladybug, Cockney are the ones that come to my mind. Russian Red is beautiful, but it can be a bit intimidating for a red-lip newbie, IMO.

Shadowy Lady

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Yeah I agree Ladybug is a good one for a red lip starter as well. Most ppl would be scared of Russian Red if it's their first red lipsticks


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I love Russian Red (and I love Ruby Woo even more!) but I agree that although it is a "must have" M.A.C item, it might be a bit much for somebody new to red lips. For example, my friend always admired whenever I wore Ruby Woo and I could see her eyeing my M.A.C lipstick collection so I borrowed her Cockney and she loved it! When she returned it, it was considerably worn down quite a bit. I second Cockney or Lady Bug for a perfect 'starter' red.

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