RED lips, CHARTREUSE lips, and SMOKY eyes (not together)


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My photographer friend needed some help with a final project for his class, so I volunteered to help and got a great excuse to use all my intense pigments

Red lips: Basic red pigment, water based mixing medium, and a bit of MAC clear lipglass.


Chartreuse lips: Thick coating of lip conditioner since these pigments aren't technically lipsafe. Then true chartreuse, chartreuse, and a bit of golden olive pigment mixed with water based MM and more lip conditioner.

Smoky eyes: Using Temptalia's tutorial (thanks, love!), I used Bobbi Brown Granite Gel eyeliner with a tiny dab of water based MM for slip, then packed on carbon and print eyeshadows. Used a tiny bit of Shroom to blend out. Lips are...I think Dior ultra gloss? Cheeks are MAC Da Da Delight cheekhue and NARS Laguna bronzer.

Same as above, but with loads of Fix+


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those chartreuse lips!!!! fire! i love mixing pigments on lips to see the ultra fun lip colors!


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Originally Posted by moonlit
lovely pics! btw what foundation did you use?

It's Dior "Forever" Extreme Wear or something in Peach 023 with Laura Mercier Mineral Foundation in Sand buffed on top...I NEVERRRR wear foundation (aside from a dusting of LM mineral foundation) so I was happy it came out well. Dior's Icone Photo Perfect foundation is amazing as well, but it's a really thick cream-to-powder and way too heavy for my taste.