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Red lips tutorial


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Another tutorial I did for my blog, thought I'd post it here aswell

Products used:
  • MAC prep + prime lip
  • MAC lip pencil - cherry
  • MAC lipstick - MAC red
  • MAC lipglass - cult of cherry
  • MAC mineralize skinfinish natural - light
  • MAC #316
  • MAC #208

These are my naked lips, with lip primer applied. They look a bit scary because they are a bit stained from the red wine I had yesterday, but don't mind that


I then continue by applying the lip pencil cherry from MAC as a base over the entire lips. Some people like to start out by lining the lips and then fill them in, I like to start from the middle and work my way out since I think it's easier to get an even and accurate lip line like this.


After I've applied the lip pencil, I apply my red lipstick with a lip brush. I've chosen a lipstick that's almost the same shade as the pencil here (MAC Red), but it's really not that important that it matches exactly as long as the pencil is somewhere near the red shade of your lipstick. This lipstick is not entirely matte but has a slight gloss finish, and if you have very dry lips this kind of formula would be great for you since it moisturizes the lips a bit more than a matte one.


To define the lip contour even more, I apply some powder with a flat angled brush right outside the lip line. If you messed up and applied some lip colour outside the line that stained your skin after remoiving it, the powder works kind of like an eraser to correct this.


For a shiny look, I finish off with a red lipgloss (MAC Cult of cherry) but this step is optional, I wear my red lips glossy about as often as I wear them matte. A gloss helps with keeping your lips moisturized, though.


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I love your tutorial. Great idea, using the powder afterwards and going from the inside out. I'm going to try this next time I do super-bold lips.

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