Redken Extreme Deep Fuel - any opinions?


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I'm thinking of buying this one but I want to hear some opinions first!
I dye and colour my hair for about 3,5 years right now any it really need some care!

So, do you like it or not?


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I used to work for Redken and I love all their products. I never personally used this product, but nothing of theres has ever done me wrong.


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I cannot say enough about Redken except that it saddens me deeply that they don't carry it at my local beauty supply anymore. I love all their products.


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Well thanks girls...then I need it

I found an amazing US site that also ships to Germany and their prices are ridiculously cheap compared to the prices over here!!


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I'm a huge fan of Redken products. About six months ago I majorly screwed up my hair trying to bleach out black dye-- it was completely fried and nasty. I went to a salon to get it fixed and they used Redken stuff. She did a couple of conditioning treatments and re-dyed it for me, and sent me home with the Extreme shampoo and conditioner, Color Extend conditioning treatment, and the Deep Fuel. And my hair has never looked better. I've recently started using the All Soft shampoo and conditoner instead of the Extreme (because I LOVE the way it smells-- like honeysuckle!) and It's really awesome too.

And this is coming from someone who would never spend money on hair products before ($1.99 shampoo from Target anyone?)... I had no idea what I was missing!

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