Removing Liquidlast eyeliner


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What is the best eye makeup remover. I always used creamy baby oil. But it can't remove the new liquidlast liner. Any drug store brand suggestions?


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I draw all over my face with those things.. lol. and you know what works? any type of face wash and/or soap and (REALLY) hot water. comes right off!


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I'm quite a big fan of Mary Kay's oil free makeup remover, I have such oily skin and it does the trick for me.


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Clinque Makes a very good eye make-up remover With 2 sweeps it removes my waterproof liner and mascara


Yes I agree I had to rub and rub and rub til my eyes hurt to take of the liquid last liner... I just kept using more and more makeup remover on a q-tip and went back and forth and it finally came off.


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Shu Uemura cleansing oil - it usually does the trick fairly easily, but it did struggle to remove this, but it does a good job, just takes a bit longer than usual.


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Liquidlast liners tips, tricks and removal.
Post your comments on liquidlast liners here.

Methods of removal and best make-up removers for LLL have been discussed pretty comprehensively in these two threads.


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I find that if I use Fluidline as a base under it (which I use FL as a base anyway) that it comes off a lot more easily than if it is applied to bare skin.

Sometimes I like to wear just liner in the summer, though. I might still use FL liner first anyway.

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