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Hi, please tell me your experience about ren...What do you recommend. Usually I have combo skin but sometimes also dry skin(also in T-Zone). Should I try the line for combo skin or drys it out a little bit?

thanks for answer


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Sorry for the late reply - I must have missed the thread.

My skin is combination, too, but it's mostly just sensitive so I use their sensitive cleanser and moisturiser. I can, however, recommend their Jojoba Purifying Facial Scrub and Multi-Mineral Detox Face Mask. They work well on any skin type, but are particularly helpful for those of us with combination skin.

I'm sure the cleanser and moisturiser that are intended for combination skin would also take care of your problems (though I haven't tried them personally), as thus far I've found all of their products to be really excellent.


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Ren's facial serum is lovely, makes skin look really fresh and luminous.

I've tried the line for combo skin and it's nice but nothing special, it doesn't dry skin out but it doesn't moisturise well either.

The body products are lovely especially the scrub and monoi body oil, smells so delicious.

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