Resisitate Me Haul. 1 2 3 CLEAR (PIC Heavy)


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I really do have an addiction. Every two weeks I get paid and every two weeks I am in MAC buying up a storm. Around the 21 of May I will be back in MAC, buying loads of concealors. So look out for that haul

Prepare yourselves.


This is everything. Now lets break it down. Close your mouth.


Eyelash Primer, Fix +, Zoomlash, and Brush 187. Everyone bought this brush so I figured I should have it as well. Still getting the hang of it though. Maybe its not for me.


My own official MAC brush belt. Wow. Said I'm movin' on up. Movin' on up.


Pink Mauve Pigment, Two empty MAC containers, Spice CCB, Soft Rose CCB, Blush Palette, Two 4 Shadow Palettes.


Acrylicka Lip Laquer, Sapilicious Lipgele, C-Thru L/g, A Rose l/s, Prr l/g, Oh Baby l/g.


In no particular order. Ambering Rose, Margin, Loverush, Coppertone, Sweet as Cocoa, and Raizin.

I forgot to take a picture of my shadows alone. But I bought:

Beauty Mark-Why I don't know thought it would be good with pinks.

Yea so I have officially lost my mind. I need to slow down, but I know on the 21 or sooner I have to go back to MAC. I still need a brown liner atleast. Plus like 6 or 7 concealors.

Sooo..yea..your thoughts.


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Well, I am an aspiring makeup artist. But as of late with school and all I've one makeup on just me. Lol so I have to buy my makeup with this thought in mind.

Even if I never do another face..I am happy to have all this makeup just for MEMEMEMEME! And you know what that feels pretty good. haha

So I need concealors for this one gig I am doing on the 27 plus I want to practice contouring and highling on a close friend and myself using concealors. Shes pretty light like NC20 (if there is one) and I am NW45-50ish.

Oh if you do makeup for others does your haul not count?

Anyways Thanks yall. Hehehe It's crazy.


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It's sooo funny. I bought all this stuff..I haven't even used half of it.

I used. the concealor, fix +, beauty mark, prime lashes, zoomlash, plust the 187 brush.

Thats it and thats all..I bought this stuff going on like 10 days ago.


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Hell Yeah a haul counts even if none is for you. Girl You bought it fair and square! Thats some haul!! And you got me wanting that pro belt. For no reason whatsoever because I barely ever do other ppls mu only for special events and prom mu etc.! LMAO

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