Revlon Colorstay Clear Lipliner


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I bought this because i was having trouble finding a good matching red lipliner. This stuff is great! I used it with red lipstick and just filled in my whole lip area. My lipstick did not budge! and red usually looks messy on my lips for some reason. I'm a big fan, it rolls up but has a sharpener for making a fine line.. i don't use it though.
This is a great find, goes with everything and it's considerably inexpensive.


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Yeah, thanx soo much, I've been looking for a good lipliner for my bright pink lipsticks


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Thank you for this. I am going to try it. I'm sure it is cheaper and works as well or better than the invisible lipliners by other companies.


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I bought one of these last week at a walmart supercenter when I was down in the States. They were on clearance for $3 (or $4, cant really remember), but it was a really good deal! They had a few other colours too. So check out your local walmart, it may be on sale too!


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I just picked this up a few days ago. It's incredible.
It seriously works under anything because it's clear, but it keeps everything within the lines of your lips. It's perfect and now my holy grail lipliner.
I highly recommend.


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Where can you buy this? I checked my Walmart and Target and they don't have it. Not even an empty space for it.


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I didn't know Revlon made a clear lip liner, but if you can't find it, Sally Hansen makes a good one too. It comes in a metallic gold twist up pencil.


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I saw the Revlon one online, but can't find it in the store.

Thanks, I will look for the Sally Hansen one tomorrow.


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Yeah I use this and even bought a back-up just in case I ever run out mid-application!

It's amazing stuff. And really cheap too.
Only lipliner I use.


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I finally bought one of these off of eBay because I got so sick of trying to match my lipliner, and they've apparently discontinued the Sally Hansen one. I love bright, bold lipsticks, but I don't have the time to deal with one that constantly runs out of the lip line. So here's hoping for the best!