Rimmel London Mascara


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Everyone has their go-to mascara, but finding a great one doesn’t have to go beyond your local drugstore. Here is the complete Rimmel London breakdown for all your lash needs! Volume, waterproof and a dramatic curl…we’ve got you covered. Even switch it up for any lash look you want to achieve!

ScandalEyes Mascara


Price: $6.99
Cause a commotion with the ScandalEyes Volume Flash Mascara. The max density brush brings the smallest lash to life for dangerously bold lashes. Perfect for getting every lash to stand at attention.

Lash Accelerator Mascara


Price: $9.99
What a dream come true. A mascara that promotes longer, healthier lashes with each wear. Lash Accelerator Mascara elongates and promotes growth with ingredients like Biotin and Caffeine.

Wonder’fully Real Mascara


Price: $6.99
It’s all in the wrist. Wonder’fully Real Mascara has an ultra-fine wand that helps to get those hard to reach inner lashes. The rich and creamy formula has Keratin in it which also promotes healthy, strong lashes.

Shake It Fresh Mascara

Price: $6.99
Hate to throw away half-used mascara because it dries out or simply isn’t as good as new and creates clumps? It’s time to shake things up! How? Simply shake the Shake It Fresh Mascara vertically 3-5 times and the formula is immediately refreshed. You get lusciously smooth, zero-clump, smudge-free lashes every time.

All mascaras mentioned are available in mass retailers and drugstore.