RiRi Hearts MAC Summer Collection (June 18, 2013)


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Release: Approx. June 18 12pm est.​
online only
**This collection will not have special packaging**
Lipstick: US$15

  • RiRi Woo: Matte cool red (retro matte)
  • RiRi Boy: Matte vivid lavender (retro matte)
  • Heaux: Matte berry(retro matte)

Blush Duo: US$26

  • Hibiscus Kiss: Cool Coral/Matte Neutral Bronze

Lustre Drop:US$20

  • Barbados Girl: Rose gold bronzer
Will Update When we get more solid information


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decided to start a new thread since it seems people are still lost and still asking the same questions in the other thread and everything is just getting jumbled up.


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Thanks for starting this luvlydee. The other one was getting all confusing. Lol
you welcome. i just started feeling bad because people kept asking the same questions and it was answered so many times already but it was getting hard to find it since so many conversations was going on lol


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The sad part is most of the time all they had to do is either scroll up the same page they posted on or go back a page and they'd find the answer!


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can't wait for this it comes out just in time for my bday! def getting the matte up the amp, not sure about the duo. I don't know how to contour lol well actually if it really comes out June 6 then that IS my bday lol I hope we don't have to sit in the virtual room again!!


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i think the virtual room was because it also launched on her concert date and they were limiting it to 1 per order and 4 per person


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did ppl compare heroine to up the amp? If so do you think a matte UTA would be smiliar to heroine? (already try to shave down my list)

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