Rocker Lipstick Live Chat


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MODS: I did not want to copy this into the other thread about Rocker L/S since it is a live chat. I apologize if incorrect.

info: Welcome to MAC Cosmetics Online. One of our Artists will be with you shortly.
info: Hello. Thank you for your interest in MAC Cosmetics. My name is Andrea. How may I assist you?
Amelia: Hi Andrea! I was online looking for "Rocker" l/s and don't see it. Please tell me it is not discontinued
Andrea: Hi Amelia!
Andrea: I believe Rocker Lipstick has been discontinued, let me double check my notes.
Amelia: Sure.
Andrea: Thanks for your patience! Yes, regrettably Rocker Lipstick has been discontinued.
Andrea: You may want to contact our Corporate Gone But Not Forgotten program at 1-800-216-7173, since your favorite product was discontinued. That team will be happy to assist in a search and may be able to locate the product for you.
Amelia: Thanks! I will do that. Is there another color that comes close? It can be a Pro lipstick as well.
Amelia: It is impossible to tell what the colors look like with the online swatches. Most of them are not even close.
Andrea: Try Lining your lips with Burgundy Lip Pencil with Diva Lipstick and topped with Red Reflects Glitter. The Glitter is MAC Pro.
Amelia: You are wonderful! Thanks so much for all your help. That is all for today.
Andrea: 748
Amelia: I have the Burgundy and Red Reflects so I will pick up Diva l/s Thanks again!
Andrea: Okay great!
Andrea: I just sent the link for the Glitters, but you have it.
Andrea: Perfect.
Andrea: As a thank you for chatting with us today, I would like to offer complimentary Standard shipping with your next MAC Cosmetics Online purchase. Please enter the one-time use offer code during the checkout process (US Residents only). You may now close the chat window by clicking on the "Close" button. You will be able to request that a copy of this chat be emailed to you as well as answer a few questions about your experience. Thank you for your visit!


So sad that Rocker is discontenued color so are Diva and Deep love drom the same line. Didn't you try Underworld? did anybody try it yet?