Rollickin paint pot


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Out of the three
-Parrot eyeshadow,
-Rollickin paint pot,
-Vanilla pigment,
which two would you buy?

i'm trying to decide if I really -need- rollickin'...

Stephie Baby

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I've been trying to figure out if I really "need" it too. I don't know if its really worth it. I LOVE the color, but Idk how much I would use it if I had it.


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Rollickin' and Parrot because Vanilla pigment is permanent. You can always get it later. I love Rollickin so much! It's perfect for those aqua blue looks and even under greens. And Parrot is just too beautiful to pass up.


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Yeah, I figured I should get the LE stuff first, but I just live soo far from an actual MAC store, so I can't get pigments whenever I want =/


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Rollicken and parrot because you can always buy vanilla but the other two are harder to find! And I prefer a bit of colour. ANd i prefer fairy light to vanilla pig. anyway