Runway Show Help....


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I'm doing the make-up for a boutique's runway show tomorrow night ! im really excited but i was hoping that you guys could maybe help me as to what kind of looks i should do..... i wanted to do crazy/fun stuff but the clothes are too casual for that. please help!! thanks


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what are you wearing???

I think that a green e/s can be very bold and neutral at the same time, green is a 'wild' color everybody can handle!


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well if it's for the fall season, i'd suggest going ALL EARTH TONES, but if you wanted to add a more smouldering effect use deep dark forest green to the eyes and peach tinted lips.

otherwise, what i've seen before is no makeup on eyes before. i mean, do the face, and contour it and such because of the lighting, add light pink lips, and lightly line the eyes. But just skip eyeshadow.

The face will look bland, but depending on the clothes, it could really make the effect.

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