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I been working at MAC for a month and a half now and I just wanted to share with everyone how great an experience this acutally is!
I started on the floor as a PT Resident Artist about a week before basic. My manager said I did quite well, meeting my goals and aus - then I completed basic, and what a wonderful learning experience that was! I refer to my workbook everynight before bed, just to study up on things and keep my product knowledge fresh.
So far my aus has been the highest and my manager is very pleased and said she sees a big future for me at MAC. I can't begin to say what a dream come true this is for me, from my very first demo to finding out I got the position to meeting new and interesting people - I plan on doing this the rest of my life!


I also realize how important it is for you to meet your goals and especially your aus. That is your major stepping stone in working your way up in MAC they really look at that along with your customer service, attendance etc...
I have to say I LOVE my job! Yes of course retail is hard and you may have those customers who just want that one lipstick but we all possess the art of making one lipstick into a $250.00 purchase, I have done it over and over but you must have that strong customer service ability even if they really do want just one lipstick. It pays off because they remember you and your eagerness to help and they come back and purchase more. So just wanted to share how im doing so far I am hoping to go full time soon!


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I am glad to hear that things are going so well for you. Your post was very inspiring. I just did my paperwork the other day for Freelance and this just makes me more excited on whats to come.


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It is good to hear you are doing so well! I am on the floor next week and off to basic right after, so hopefully I can do well.. I will do well.


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YES you will do well! here's another example I was on 5-10 tonight I made my goal and aus was an 85! So if you have the drive to succeed, you will!!!
Good luck let us know how basic is!


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wow that's impressive. do you have any tips on how to bring that stubborn "one l/s only" lady up to a larger unit count?


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The store is in a Macy's - I would say it's a steady customer following. But honestly, I have the gift of gab and i'm so excited about the products that people pick up on that. One thing that always works is when an individual comes in to purchase just one lipstick - I say - "Oh have you seen our new collection?" I really practice the FABCE which you will learn at Basic.

It's like your luring them in to this world of beauty and they can't resist, then they will ask what I am wearing and I show them along with tips and tricks on how to get my look - then boom! a huge sale always results! I am also a big "brush" pusher and of course along with that - the brush cleaner so before you know it your building your sale - I had a woman come in yesterday for just a mascara - that's it!

I used my selling techniques, started showing her around, she fell in love with the cult of cherry collection and when she left that one mascara sale turned into a $200.00 sale! It can be done, you first have to get a feel for what the customer wants and needs keep selling until they say stop! I mean it's MAC afterall and it's very easy to want to buy the whole store!
I will share more selling accomplishments as they come. I have the highest aus for my counter and i've only been there a month and a half.

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