scheduled an interview at MACYS dtown for next tues. PLZ HELP!


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i never really had a group interview before.. i applied for macys stonestown in SF and they just emailed me for an interview next tues. i am pretty excited but nervous at the same time. any1 know what questions they ask you?? n how does a group interview work?? THANKS A BUNCH!!! this job isn't for a MAC counter. in the stonestown mall, theres no MAC counter at macys. so yeah i guess i won't be workin at MAC. but its a great way to start if i get hired!


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i had an interview at that same macy's last year. the usual HR rep who usually interviews was out so i didn't get the full experience but it was pretty fun, considering one of the first things he said was "i'll kick you out if you don't smile enough". he was really nice and just wanted to see what our background was, why we wanted to work in retail, specifically cosmetics and fragrance, and what interested us most.
i had been on a macy's group interview for just normal sales before, and i remember her asking us to tell an experience where we had received excellent CS, as well as what we thought our best quality was. it was like 3 years ago, but i still remember those two questions standing out. i think for group interviews the key is to come across and articulate and confident, because otherwise you won't stand out and you'll sound like you're just repeating what the person said before you.