Sculpt & Shape Palette


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I'm not sure if this is best for here, or the Recommendations thread... ???

Anyways, I'm thinking of purchasing a 6 pan palette (before they change them
) and putting 3 Shape & 3 Sculpt powders in it. I'm not near a Pro store, to look at them in person, so I'm asking here. What's the best ones to cover all skin tones? (Though I'm certain most women/girls I will work on will be of fair-medium tan complexion.) I have thought about getting all the Duo's, but since they aren't readily avaliable, or replaceable, I think my better option is a palette. More for your $$$, too.



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For MAC, try Sculpt, Definitive and Bone Beige. For highlight, try Warm light and Accentuate. But if you wanna try other lines, switch out Accentuate for Smashbbox's Tint or Shimmer, try Kevyn Aucoin's Sculpting powder in medium (for light to medium dark skin tones), get Nars Albatross (for almost everyone) and try Kett's Hydro Liquid pigments or Ben Nye's Fireworks.

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