Sephora, Longs. I cant resist a sale.


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from sephora-(none of this stuff was on sale, but they finally had primer potion restocked)
makeup forever brush cleaner-15
urban decay primer potion-14
rose bud salve-6
makeup forever lashes-14
go smile pear teeth whitner-8
*free hope in a jar sample

longs was having a sale on makeup they do every week and i just couldnt resist

-face scrub-7.19
aloe vera cream-9.99
duo eyelash adhesive- 5.29
5 pairs of da bes kine lashes-1.99 each on sale
max factor calorie mascara-2.90 on sale

and i bought Imans beauty of color book from barnes and noble


sorry the pic is so small, i had to use my phone to take the pic


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Nice Haul, you got lost of goodies! I love UDPP!!!!!! I dont know what I did before I discovered it.
You are gonna be lashed out girl we need some FOTD's with the on

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