sephora professional brushes


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Are they worth it in the long run, ie.. will the still work fine in a year or two? I just got a Sephora Professional Rounded Powder brush for xmas (the $38 one). Friend gave me the gift receipt and said that if I don't like it, I can go exchange for something else. Don't know if I should keep it because I have Mac and Everyday Mineral face brushes.... To keep or not to keep.


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it is worth it if you take good really care of it but there are cheaper brushes that can do the same job as expensive ones. the one most important thing is to take really good care of your brushes. if you can do that, it will last you for years and years.


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I'm impressed with Sephora brand makeup brushes. I think they're good quality and the price isn't *too* bad IMO. I know the foundation brush is worth it, but it's synthetic so I can't tell you about the longevity of their natural hair bristle brushes


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I think the Sephora brushes are pretty nice too.. they're made really well and pretty soft. I have an angled crease brush and it's held up well! I use it all the time.


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My sister got me a set of Sephora brushes, and it's pulled me through well for a year now. The brush itself is well balanced in weight and does feel soft on the face. As with what other posters have said about brushes being of high quality and lasting a long time so there isn't much difference in price.

Although I was told, that higher priced brushes should be reserved for larger brushes (ie: blush/foundation) since the bristles need to be more soft, otherwise it would cause pores or reddening in the skin after prolong usage. Cheaper smaller brushes would be okay then.
Any one want to confirm that for me?