serial killer....


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fun topic, i know! :-/. but...there was a serial killer in my town(the police shot him last night?)and while i was scared for everyone around me while this was going on...i wasn't as upset as i am after they released his picture during the news conference. i've seen this man and remember the occasion and it's burning in my brain and i can't sleep. it's like he maybe dead, but now that there's a face and i've had contact with him...i'm torn up. :-/. anything crazy like this happen to y'all? i know it's random, but it seems like everyone around me feels better that he's gone and i feel worse...because i remember him....


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Maybe this should be moved to Deep Thoughts. Something similar has happened to me. The city I grew up in was affected by a serial killer in multiple ways, years before I was born. By the time I was born the killings had stopped and he was never caught. By the time I was in middle school there was still no word of him, until he sent some letters to a public place. about a year after that he was caught and put in jail. It was a pretty big deal for my city. A lot of people I knew had even gone to church with him. It sucks that there are crazy people out there

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