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Sexy Lips Tutorial

Miss Pumpkin

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INGREDIENTS: Two lipsticks (a darker one and a lighter one), lipliner, brown/cinnamon eyeshadow, white eyeshadow, lip brush.





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my lips are always so dry that I feel like I can't wear lipstick!! I drink a ton of water, rub they dry skin off of them (daily!) and wear lip gloss/moisturizer but I haven't figured out the trick to making lipstick work

My lips still are too flakey
Is there a trick or can anyone tell me something I'm missing?? I want to wear cute light pink lipsticks but I'm always too scared that it'll look terrible after 10 minutes...

edit: and is there a really good lipstick for dry lips? Like a real lipstick, not tinted lip gloss...


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put aquaphor on your lips before bed at night (you can use it as a lip balm during the day too)

i dont think it has spf in it though so if you're on the beach or something make sure to use somethign like softlips which has spf 20 in it

anyway i have a horrible habit of biting my lips.. gross i know.. nervous habit cant help it but aquaphor worked wonders <33 hope it helped

this is a pic of the stuff

http://www.macgill.com/PhotoLibrary....s&co nst=true