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Shaky Hands!


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Hey ladies! I have been on here in AGES!...Life has definitely thrown some boulders at me and after coming out of a depression....I'm back to doing makeup!:D

I JUST got hired as a MAC Freelancer...and regardless of the rumors of the gratis and discount issues....i must say i am HONORED to be hired! I just want to learn what the other artists do and start my dream career.

I can do really great makeup...i LOVE working with color. My issue is.....my shaky hand!!!!

While doing the makeup interview i tried really hard to get it to stop...but my eyeliner went on the client almost perfectly! So what i did was switch to my left hand and i had much more control (I'm slightly ambidextrous)....but what do you all do when you are doing clients faces to control your shaky hand?

I know i can't be the only one!


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I have naturally shaky hands, I don't know what it is! It's not nerves, even when I'm drawing my hands shake but it doesn't affect my work? Only affects really precise work like doing my eyeliner SOMETIMES not all the time. It's weird and I don't like it but I don't think there is a way to get rid of it?


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Hi! If it's the fine "detail" work that causes the shaking, I think it's called "tension tremors". Try to rest your pinky of your working hand lightly down on a surface (depending what youre doing--sounds silly but it really helps!); trying to simply focus on your breathing instead of the shaking. If it is not nerves, the tremors are a common problem for many people and nothing to worry over! Your work sounds unaffected and that is what your clients will see. Best of luck.


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I cannot help you with your shaky hand, but I'm glad you were hired and you came out of your depression.


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Tension tremors, huh? Its not nerves...my dad is the same exact way. Sometimes its hard for him to even hold a cup bc his hand shakes so bad.

I worked yesterday and i was doing this girl's makeup for her prom...and it NEVER fails! When it comes to eyeliner i get frustrated...my hand literally started vibrating!
UGH!!! But i just breathed and switched hands and did the best i could...she liked the outcome, i feel i could have done better though. And working at MAC, there's nowhere for me to rest my arm...so i sometimes just put my elbow against my chest...but it also depends on the height of the customer :-/ And overall my work is pretty much unaffeccted...i just hate that its so hard for me to draw a straight line on a freakin eyelid!

Thanks everyone for your feedback tho! Plz share more tips if you have them.


New member
hey.. I had the exact same things.. shaky hands..
I've already go to doctor and had some test, the result is come out nothing wrong..
but they've told me to reduce my coffee..

and yes, sometimes making the eyeliner is frustrating.. I used to hold my breath to done it..

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