Shale + Carbon = EOTD


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I know it's boring, it's only two colours (not counting browbone), but I was in a hurry. My eyes seemed more Asian today than usual. I'm half Asian and there are days when I look more like my Euro side, and days where I look more like my Asian side. Today was Asian day, as my eyelids seemed to lose their crease.

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These are natural light, no flash:

This is the person who gives me lash envy. It's my 11 year old son's eyelashes. Blonde at the base, light brown at the tips, and oh so long and thick! Pure envy, I swear.


Full face, natural light: pardon the bad hair, it was breezy where I live. Please be gentle, I'm 2x as old as some of you gals and age is a bitch some days.


Stuff used:


Eyes = Shale + Carbon, Vanilla eyeshadow on browbone, Blacktrack fluidline as eyeliner (including waterline)
Face = Studio Fix powder NC25, Springsheen Blush, Pleasing slimshine on lips

CC is appreciated, as I've been stuck in a neutral rut again and all these beautiful shades I own are being neglected.

Thanks for looking


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Beautiful look! I envy my son's lashes too, I swear they touch his cheekbones when his eyes are closed. And I'm sure you aren't 2x older than I am, and you look young and gorgeous!!


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Very pretty! Your son has great lashes!! My brother has long lashes too & it's such a waste haha!


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Thanks ladies
And Briar, my son's lashes do the same thing. It's going to make all the girls swoon in a couple of years lol. I'm also going to be 35 this year. I don't feel it, in the back of my mind I still feel like I'm 19 years old, which is the year that I got married. Yikes!


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pretty look!

and I feel your pain...I'm half Asian too [Chinese & Polish to be exact] and there are some days where my eyes look more "Asian" and other days they look more caucasian lol

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